These panoramas were taken in Caleta Vitor, a small fishing village on the coast of Northern Chile and home to the Chinchorro culture approximately 6,000 - 7,000 years B.P. The primary evidence for their existence is extensive middens and in rare cases well-preserved mummies. The reeds visible in both panoramas were an integral artifact in their culture; they were used to make mats for sun and ground protection and more interestingly they were used to wrap the mummies before burial.

This is a view looking east towards the Andes along an ephemeral stream that supports the local reeds and abundant vultures. It is lower quality than the Caleta Vitor GigaPan I shot in a similar location but looking south shown below.

This GigaPan provides an excellent perspective on a typical Chinchorro landscape, however wave movement along the beach has created a number of ghosts I couldn't correct.